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In the baking industry, nozzles are used within baking ovens to provide the humidity conditions which are necessary to give the baked item, for example bread, a brown crust.

Standard mains water is sprayed onto the bread using an atomising air nozzle

  • The type of nozzle used depends upon the bakery
  • The ovens are continuous flow often with 10 to 15 loaves across the width of the oven
  • The ovens are fully temperature and humidity controlled.
  • A single nozzle is fitted between the heating elements and is used to spray a fine mist or fog of liquid into the oven area

This action creates a blasting or flashing effect in the oven and creates the desired browning effect on the bread. It is important to note that the sprayed liquid droplets flash-off above the bread and do not touch it. Both the liquid and the air pressure can be altered to give different volumes of liquid for different baked items. Pressure regulators must be fitted to both air and liquid supplies.