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Bottling Plants - Conveyor Lubrication


Conveying systems need to be lubricated in two different areas.

1) The bearings and sprockets which help keep the conveyor moving - must be kept lubricated

2) The surface of the conveyor must be lubricated especially at stages where the conveyor changes. This is done to keep products moving and to reduce wear

These change stages are known as transfer points. Up to 20 different transfer points will form part of a conveying systems although the actial number will depend on the type or process and the plant.

Nozzles are used to provide either intermittent or continuous spraying of the lubricant

Breweries are one example of the type of plant which uses a lot these types of systems.

The types of nozzles used for the application are:

- LF tip with body and cap

- 1505 metering disc with body and cap