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Carbon Black Processing

Carbon Black Processing

Delavan is the chosen supplier of nozzles and lances within carbon black processes for many customer's around the world.

Delavan's custom engineering expertise has once again benefited applications within the gas combustion industry. Our swirl-air nozzles have been engineered to work with corrosion an temperature, providing excellent performance to advance customers production when making carbon black

So what is the carbon black manufacturing process? Well carbon black is the rubber reinforcement in car tyres, the black in printer toner and paint colouring etc. The carbon black process involves blowing petroleum oil or coal oil as raw material (feedstock oil) into high temperature gases to combust them partially. This method is suitable for mass production due to its high yield, and allows wide control over its properties such as particle size or structure.

This is currently the most common method used for manufacturing carbon black for various applications. The Delavan Swirl Air nozzle with fine atomization, wide turn down ratios and options for customisation is ideal for use in this application.

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