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Evaporative Gas Cooling


During processes such as steel making, cement manufacture, chemical processing, incineration etc., hot gases are created that cannot be released into the atmosphere or that can go to the downstream process before they have been cooled to a certain temperature.

One way of doing this is to spray a finely atomized liquid into the gas stream to reduce its temperature. The liquid is usually introduced into a gas cooling tower or duct work, similar to the ones shown in the diagram below. Depending upon the flow rates, droplet size and chamber size this can be done with or mulitple nozzles.

Delavan has calculating software which can determine the required flow rate and maximum allowable droplet size required for complete evaporation. This will then allow us to size the nozzles depending upon the outcome.

The nozzles are usually installed to the end of a lance to position them as required in the duct work or tower. Sprays can either be mounted with or against the gas flow, depending upon the application.

- We have many varieties of spray nozzles and lanes to suit these types of applications.

  • 2 Fluid nozzles designed and based on Aerospace technology
  • Available in 3 variations – Inline – Concentric – Right angle
  • Air consumption and power requirements are low.
  • Excellent atomisation over wide range of turn down ratios.
  • Large fluid passages to accommodate large particles.
  • Spray angle variations changed via nozzle caps.

If you are interested and would like more information please contact the Delavan sales team.