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Food Industry



When baking bread, within the industry egg wash is typically used during the process.  An egg wash is often used to make pastries shiny and golden or brown in color, and it also is used to help toppings or coatings stick to the surface of the pastry, or to bind pastry parts together, such as empanadas or other en croute recipes.

A customer came to us, as they wanted to automate their process, to speed up their production time. They had been manually coating the bread with egg wash which allowed for in-consistency's throughout their batch. We decided to provide the customer with a flat spray nozzle to achieve the coverage and impact desired.

The benefits from swapping over to a nozzle;

  • Even coverage across the whole production range
  • Can be specific in the amount of liquid being sprayed onto the produc
  • Reduce production time


During the spray drying process, the extract is inserted through our SDX/Swirl Air nozzle into a flow of hot air at the top of a cylindrical drum. As the droplets meet the hot air, they dry to create a fine powder.The density of the powder can be determined by different conditions within the nozzle and dryer.

The trick to keep the quality of the aroma and flavour, is through the fast drying process which allows for preservation.

Case Study 1: