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Paper and Pulp - Belt Cleaning


Our nozzles are used at the "wet end" of the paper making operation to clean the belt after the paper has left the belt felt. High pressures nozzles are fitted to a manifold which moves from wide to side across the belt and are installed onto the manifold at a fixed angle. Water is sprayed through the nozzles at high pressure (10 bar plus) at an angle against the direction of the belt.

On some old plants the cleaning nozzle sprays from the outside of the belt to the inside whilst on newer plants the nozzles tend to be fitted on the inside of the belt spraying towards the outside of the belt. Usually around 30-40 nozzles are fitted. The nozzles give a spray angle of between 25 and 30 degrees and are positioned to give a spray of about 50mm. The water used for cleaning is usually process water but can be mains water. In both cases it is advisable to fit strainers either side of the pumps

Case Study 1: