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Pharmaceutical and Natural Products



- Increased solids content commands higher prices, eliminated clogging

Product Group:

- Pharmaceuticals and natural products

Product Produced:

- Animal blood powder

Background Information:

- The customer produced a dried blood product in a variety of grades for use in the packing and bottling industries

Plant Equipment:

- The system utilises a single nozzle dryer with a co-current air supply in the vertical design

Delavan Recommended:

- SDX 3, 5 Range of Nozzles

Results of operations with Delavan SDX Nozzle:

- The operating pressure was reduced to 1800 psi whilst maintaining normal production. Increased production can be obtained if desired by returning to higher pressures. Wall wetting ceased to be a problem, and the customer is now happy with a definite improvement in solubility of the dried product. Nozzle life was previously around 4-5 months, after 10 months of operation on replacement parts have been required.