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Steel Industry


The purpose of the nozzle is to cool the molten metal as it flows through the machine in a regular and controlled manner to ensure even cooling of the material. The Nozzle needs to achieve maximum heat transfer to remove heat from the steel, along with a large turn down ratio in order to accommodate various grades of steel and speed of the caster.

Air Atomising Lances and Nozzles

Our Cool cast Air Atomising Lances and Nozzles are available in 2 configurations, either Round or square block styles.

Cool Cast Round Lance

  • Highly uniform droplets with constant surface area
  • More controllable and even cooling
  • Reduced air consumption through reduced compressor load
  • Wide passage to reduce blockage
  • Large turn down ratio

Cool Cast Square Block

  • Identical liquid cooling properties as the round block
  • More ease of maintenance
  • Spray angles set by orientation
  • More compact than round version

Single Fluid Hydraulic Nozzles

Our single fluid nozzles offer several different styles and flow rates available depending on the caster type. Some more modern machines use hydraulic only nozzle working at pressures up to 200 psi.

RLD Nozzle

  • Produces a uniform flat spray without hard edges
  • Thick flat spray to provide greater cooling
  • Standard spray angle of 80°

*Maximum recommended pressure 35 BarG

AC Type

  • Uniform flat spray pattern without hard edges
  • Tapered pattern ends to allow for overlap and even distribution
  • Available in angles from 15° up to 110°

BI Type

  • Uniform distribution of droplets
  • Droplet size slightly larger than hollow cone
  • Impact of spray generally greater with narrower spray angles assuming the same flow rate


  • Very high quality tungsten carbide tip insert for prolonged life
  • Flow straightener and stabiliser to reduce turbulence
  • 15° offset on nozzle as standard
  • Keyed body design so nozzle is always aligned correctly
  • Strainer designed to stop hammering
  • More efficient nozzle design to achieve equal impact at lower pressures

Roll Cooling, Strip Cleaning & Lubrication

  • High impact with even distribution.
  • Dovetail fitting guarantees alignment.
  • Interchangeable with other systems.
  • Nozzle offset 5° or 15° to avoid spray impingement.
  • Full cone, square and oval patterns nozzle available.