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Vehicle Leak Testing



Every car plant has a leak test facility that takes place within a spray tunnel. This tunnel is designed to test the finished car of bus for leaks anywhere on its body. The main reason for this test it to check the car doors, window seats, under body and wheel arches.

The cars are normally driven into the tunnel and the driver stays inside the car whilst the test takes place. The cars are usually driven slowly through the tunnel although on some plants the car remains still during the test. There is a ten to fifteen metre drying off zone at the far end of the tunnel. After the tunnel an air "blow-off-knife" is often to blow away all remaining moisture.

Case Study 1:

The types of nozzle used for this application are:

- ACM 80 and ACM 100 50 or 80

- AE and AF - hollow cone sprays with ball swivel eyelets.

- BI and BN- solid cone sprays with ball swivel eyelets if stationary