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Delavan - SFPE 2019

Delavan will be hosting a booth at the SFPE, Society of Fire Protection Engineers this year. The Conference is in Phoenix, Arizona and features an array of seminars and conferences, in which Delavan will be attending.

"Technology is advancing at an extremely fast pace. Urban environments are rapidly increasing, becoming more vertical and more densely populated. More people are living in wildfire-prone areas. Climate resiliency and sustainability are creating fire safety challenges. In many ways we are entering a new frontier in fire safety challenges and opportunities"

The 2019 SFPE Annual Conference and Expo will address new and emerging technology, tools and methods (for example, related to aerospace, micro gravity environments, smart building technology, smart firefighting technology, clean rooms protection, engineering design for complex facilities and unique hazards), new emerging regulatory and the design approaches (e.g., risk-informed approaches, new computational tools), challenges with fire safety in low-and middle-income countries, and advancements in fire protection in the wild-land urban inteface (WUI)