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That's the Power of Zero Defects

Contributed by Jeff Kinze - Engineering & Quality Communications UTC

"The destination hasn't changed, but the journey...

Quality is always of utmost importance to us at UTC Aerospace Systems. It protects our customers, enhances our business image, grows our market share and delights the end users who experience our products first-hand

Zero defects isn't just a plan. It's a mindset, language, behaviour and results.

We all know that escapes are unacceptable, but more and more customers are demanding step changes in quality performance. That's where the Zero Defect Plan (ZDP) comes in. ZDP is a proven methodology which leverages a company-wide understanding of past detection failures to quickly prevent existing defects from becoming customer escapes. It also utilizes data-driven process capability improvements to prevent future defects.

As a result, we've seen a 72% reduction in supplier defects achieved with our ZDP-focused suppliers. And customers are taking notice.

"We're in a business in which anything less than zero defect performance is absolutely unacceptable" - says Alex Eksir, Vice President of Supplier Quality. "In addition to harming our reputation, we also have an obligation to families, soldiers and civilians who are going into an aircraft with millions and millions of parts in it - most of whom have no idea how aircraft are built - yet have an unconditional trust that people like us watch after their safety. We must uphold this trust"

"We will continue to evolve ZDP as we move into the future, and it will remain our company's standard method of achieving zero defects and delighting customers." "