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CIP 15

CIP 15

Industrial Spray Nozzles - Cleaning in Place


  • Relatively uniform distribution at all pressures.
  • Available in a range of flow capacities.
  • The CIP15 is used in place of a standard full cone nozzle, where finer atomization than a single nozzle might normally provide is required.
  • Normal spray angle is 230°
  • For full 360° coverage with type CIP15 the assembly is identified with the suffix 'FC'.*


  • Manufactured with a 1 1/2" BSPT Female threaded body - fitted with 15 removable solid cone spray nozzles.
  • Made in Stainless Steel, Gunmetal/Brass as standard.
  • Other nozzles can be fitted to give non-standard spray patterns.
  • Other material available to special order.


1 1/2" CIP 15-150 Stainless Steel.

Approx. weight of assembly = 1.34kg

Maximum Recommended Pressure:

35 Bar.G. (Metal).

Capacity charts