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Industrial Spray Nozzles - Flat Spray


  • Produces highly uniform flat spray at high pressures.
  • Maximum impinging force is produced with a minimum loss of energy resulting in higher efficiency.
  • Spray pattern has knife-like cutting edge.
  • Normal spray angles of 25° and 32°.
  • Orifice insert is offset 15° to axis of dovetail.


  • Dovetail connection nozzle/body for positive alignment.
  • 3 piece design with Male NPT thread or Welding Nipple body, available in:
  • Stainless Steel bodies and cap.
  • Mild Steel (Welding Nipple body only.)
  • Longer Welding Nipple bodies available to special order.
  • Nozzle is Stainless Steel with Tungsten Carbide orifice insert.
  • Tips, bodies and cap can be ordered separately in different materials.
  • Threaded bodies are 3/4" or 1" Male NPT only.
  • Other materials available to special order.


DQ 20-32° = Tip Only.

3/4" DQM 40-25° Stainless Steel = Complete Assembly.

DQW 60-32° Stainless Steel = Welding Assembly.

Note:- This nozzle type is also available as the DE type design with strainer and flow stabiliser.

Maximum Recommended Pressure: 275 Bar.G.}

Capacity charts