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Industrial Spray Nozzles - Spray Drying

The Kwik-Check orifice gauges are designed for the rapid measurements of small hole diameters. Models are available to cover a range of hole diameters from 0.025" to 0.225".

These gauges work on the principle of directly transferring diameter measurements from a sliding, tapered needle to a linear scale readout graduated in 0,001".


  • No skill required. Untrained personnel can make fast and accurate measurements.
  • Rapid and simple calibration. A setting master is provided with each gauge. Permits rapid periodic check on calibration and field readjustment, if necessary, by shop personnel.
  • *Magnified, direct reading scale permits easy reading of hole diameters to nearest 0,001".
  • Precision ground tapered needle is made of 52-100 Steel and Chrome plated for maximum wear resistance.
  • Positive Clutch which locks needle and scale at exact dimension of hole being measured.
  • Convenient pocket size and weight makes these gauges ideal for roving inspectors and engineers.


Please specify the model number and Inch size when ordering.

Capacity charts