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Oil Burner Nozzles


Delavan Spray Technologies Oil Heating Division is a worldwide leader in spray nozzles for combustion applications from domestic heating to commercial boilers. For over 60 years, Delavan has been unique in the oil heating industry, developing training materials and programs to educate the oil heating service technician.

The nozzles we use are the most widely distributed in the U.S. and Canada as well as many countries throughout the world. We further specialize in assisting original equipment manufacturers in designing and specifying the best nozzles to fit their applications. Over the years our team of product engineers have designed scores of special nozzles for customers with demanding or unusual applications so we may already have designed the special you require.

Whether you are an engineer designing oil burning appliances, a service technician performing annual service, or have a unique application, remember Delavan for assured quality and call on our knowledge and experience whenever you have a nozzle application problem.If what you are trying to achieve is new even to us, we are always willing to discuss, advise or design to help you achieve the spraying results you require.