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SDX Spray Drying Nozzles

Spray Drying Nozzles

The Quality you’ve come to expect

Delavan Spray Drying Nozzles reflect years of dedication to quality, flexibility and reliability. Since 1935, the Delavan name has become synonymous with precision engineering, proven techniques and product satisfaction. Today Delavan continues to be a leader in the spray drying industry by staying on the forefront of research and development in new materials, delivery systems and designs to handle new challenges across a range of industries. In 1957, Roger W. Tate joined Delavan as the Director of Research, and within a few years the eccentric spiral swirl chamber nozzle was born. Click here to learn more about Mr. Tate.

SDX Range

This tradition started with the original SDX Nozzle ® and continues with the latest SDX family of nozzles. This product line, specifically designed for the spray drying industry, includes five centrifugal pressure nozzles: the Mini SDX, ® Compact SDX, ® SDX, ® SDX III ® and SDX V ®.
Each of these five products is built on Delavan's unique single inlet spiral swirl chamber design and highly polished orifice. The combination of the swirl chamber and orifice produces a limitless number of combinations, to supply virtually any flow-rate and spray angle. This means the nozzle can be 'fine-tuned' to almost any dryer or application.
The Delavan SDX ® range of spray drying nozzles set the standard by which other nozzles are judged. We were the first to hold a patent on the revolutionary swirl chamber design, with a single inlet, which minimises plugging and maximises particle uniformity. This design has improved dry product quality, as the spiral configuration conforms to the natural path of liquid as it progresses toward the orifice.
Here at Delavan, when you talk we listen. The evolution of the SDX range has all been down to our customer requests and feedback. We now offer Cone faced body Cluster etc......

Spray Quality

Each SDX ® product incorporates a single inlet design which enhances the nozzle's performance by minimising plugging and maximising particle uniformity.

As standard the automated polishing process controls the diameter of each orifice to within +/- 0.001" (0.025mm) and a highly polished surface ensures incomparable spray performance and durability. The key to the SDX ® Nozzle's success is its spray quality and uniform particle size, creating a narrow particle size distribution. The internal design atomizes liquids with viscosities up to several hundred centipoise. As you can see from the below images, the polishing of an orifice is essential in delivering an evenly distributed spray pattern.

Critical Care

The perception within the industry is that nozzle bodies and adaptors will last indefinitely, however this is far from the truth and just as much attention needs to be given to the Bodies and Adaptors as is applied to the Orifice Discs and Swirl Chambers. Where the Orifice Disc and Swirl Chamber condition has a direct relationship to spray quality the Nozzle Body and Adaptor condition has a direct relationship to smooth operation and nozzle safety.

What we offer

High Performance – Rugged Durability

Delavan offers;

  • Durability and wear resistance
    Our nozzles are available in materials that resist chemical attack such as plastics, ceramics, sintered carbides and various grades of stainless steel.
  • Customisation
    To suit all your application needs, you can specify spray characteristics to meet your needs, including droplet size and particle size, spray angle, flow variation and properties of the liquid being sprayed.
  • Versatility
    Delavan offers 3 swirl chamber configurations with orifice discs ranging in size from 0.4mm to 6.4mm. The large number of swirl chamber orifice combinations provide customers with more options when spray drying a variety of different products. Swirl chambers and orifices can be paired in a variety of combinations to produce the droplet size, flow rate, and spray angle and product quality needed to meet your exact product specifications.
  • Technical expertise and know how
    Understanding the "custom" aspect of each application is of critical importance in spray drying. Almost every dryer presents a unique situation depending on feed material, capacity, and operating conditions. Delavan understands the conditions and problems inherent in spray drying and will recommend the right nozzle for the best performance.

Our Technical support includes:-

  • Lifetime service and support
    Once Delavan nozzles are installed in your dryer, the support never ends. You can contact Delavan at any time with changes, questions or issues.
  • Computer Analysis
    To suit all your application requirements, Delavan uses computer analysis programs to produce information such as droplet size, spray angle, flow rate – all this before installing any nozzles into the spray dryer, saving valuable time and money.

Dual Fluid Range

The Delavan Swirl-Air range of spray nozzles, based on aerospace technology and developed within our Gas Turbine Division was designed to maximise hydraulic and pneumatic energy to atomize liquids at reliatively low pressures. Originally designed for use in evaporative cooling, spray drying and combustion, they have since been used in many other industrial applications from Food to Steel production. Different spray angles are available; flow rates can be changed by adjusting air and liquid pressure and the degree of atomization controlled by changes in the air-to-liquid volume ratio

Two installation configurations are available. In the right angle nozzle, atomising air enters the side and the liquid enters axially in the back. With the in-line nozzle, concentric piping is used with the liquid in the centre and atomising air entering around the outside. Concetric pipe adapter assemblies are optional and are not included with the nozzle assembly as standard.